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The MacGregor General Store
(This building still stands today, housing a local restaurant)

Exterior photographs:
Front/ Backyard

Interior of Store circa 1900:

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"In 1890, the property was purchased from Christopher W. FORD, who also owned a larger corner lot across the street from the store. On that property was a fine combination horse stable and carriage house, plus a storage area, besides an apiary. Father (Daniel Peter MACGREGOR), and Mother (Ester Agnes nee FRASER) moved to Morewood with the writer(James Arnot MACGREGOR) following a severe financial crisis in the village of Metcalfe, Ontario where I was born. Father had gone thre from the farm in Felton, Ontario without any business experience except a six months course in the Ottawa Business College."

"He furnished most of the money to open a general store and post office in a partnership deal with a cousin. However, the experience not only lost his money but good health as well. It then required the financial help of Grandfather James FRASER to enable my parents to purchase the joint store and house. He also rented the above mentioned lot across the street to have stabling for his horses and shelter for his vehicles."

"When first purchased the store was a two countered one with an adjoining storehouse, while the dwelling was in the rear and above the store. The one room in the rear section, lacked a second floor, so that the chimney could be seen as it entered the roof. The area above the store consisted of four small bed rooms but only one small closet. Naturally, there was no bath room, and the toilet was an outside one, off the woodshed in the rear."

"Being forced to rent a stable, it seemed one of Father's first essentials was to acquire enough land at the rear of the woodshed on which to erect his own stable, carriage house, new woodshed and toilet. This he did from Mr. Peter BOLTON, who no doubt had purchased it from Robert MARCELLUS. In the deal with Mr. BOLTON, Father was given an outlet to the street, over the land between the store and the SMIRLE blacksmith shop."

"The next improvement came with the enlargement and addition of a second floor to the all purpose room. In the added second floor there were two bed rooms, each with a small closet. The stairs that went from the all purpose room to the second floor was removed from the southeast corner of the store, thus leaving space for a small office. The new stairs were placed along the north wall of the room, and adjacent to the store. It gave access to five bedrooms by using the former long narrow bedroom as a hall."

Daniel Peter MACGREGOR b:19 Feb 1865, m: 21 Dec 1887, d: 14 Oct 1936.

Ester Agnes FRASER b: 9 Jul 1862, m: 21 Dec 1887, d: 9 Feb 1949.